No matter what kind of wand you use, we're here to help you. . .

Share Your Magic

The mission of is to provide unwavering digital and technical support to artists of all backgrounds and mediums. 

If we had a legit  ~*magic wand*~ we would use it to eliminate the concept of the “starving artist.” 4 Wands was created out of the firm belief that if independent artists and creators have more specific, tangible support in building their brand and network, they are more likely to succeed.

In today’s landcape of short attention spans, cooptive AI art, and the everlasting nightmare that is capitalism, it is hard enough to set yourself apart and make a name for yourself. It’s even harder if you don’t have the resources to build your own website and carve out your own digital space. 4 Wands is here to change that by offering free professionally built WordPress websites to independent artists.

There is Too Much Talent Trapped In Poverty


We really mean free.

If you are an independent artist of any kind and have limited resources, you can fill out this form below and 4 Wands will work with you to build a 1-3 page custom WordPress website.

Still have questions? We thought you might.

How quickly will my site be ready?

This project is powered by Aoifae Fawn, a professional digital marketer with a passion for art and all things creative. Because these sites are made by an actual human who is volunteering their time, it may take up to four weeks for your site to be created. 

Can I choose my site’s name and domain?

Yes! All free sites will start out as a * subdomain, which means “Your Art” will be housed at “”. Depending on our monthly funding, we will purchase a custom domain (like “”) to level up your website once it is complete.
Because custom domains require a registration fee no matter where you go on the internet, we cannot offer free custom domains to everyone (yet). Once your website is complete, you will have the option to purchase a custom domain for $11 or enter our lottery for a FREE custom domain. All custom domains are good for one year. The * subdomain is free 4ever.

Will I own my site?

Yes. While 4 Wands will host the website, you will have complete owner/administrator access to your WordPress site. You can add and delete pages, change the design and theme and so much more. 4 Wands will manage the web hosting through Ionos and will retain site access to provide technical support. If you decide you want to transfer your site to a different platform or hosting service, you can contact us and we will gladly start that process. Note, that some site transfers do incur a fee, which would be your responsibility.

How do I know if I count as an “independent artist”?

Do you create something that you want to share with the world? Do you do it because you’re passionate about it? If you didn’t have to worry about bills or finances, would you do it full-time? Do you work mainly on your own–meaning you aren’t represented by a management label or talent agency? Well, then you might be an independent artist!

Our goal is to support ALL types of art, whether it is paint on canvas, cake that doesn’t look like cake, incredible makeup lewks, quirky scarves for dogs, amazing dance choreography, dynamic photographs, dope car decals, heartwarming ballads, chilling horror films, another podcast, slam poetry, that novel you’ve been secretly writing for 8 years, funky jewelry, intricately braided hair, fancy birdhouses, woven blankets, outspoken graphic tees, hand-drawn comics. . .
We could go on.

The point is, art is whatever you define it as, and we support that.